New Adult Romance

   Reckless #1         Reckless #2        Reckless #3
   September 2013           November 2013                April 2014

Reckless Longing     Reckless Secrets - book #3 Reckless series     Reckless Together - Book #3 of the Reckless series

Reckless #4
    April 2014

Reckless Series Complete Collection


Spylicious Romance

   Agent Ex #1         Agent Ex #2        Agent Ex #3
   December 2011                May 2012              December 2012

The Spy Who Left Me   Diamonds Are Truly Forever   Live and Let Love

  Agent Ex #4          Agent Ex #5
     August 2013              February 2014

License To Love - Agent Ex #4    Love Another Day - book #5 in the Agent Ex series

  Spy Camp #1      Spy Camp #2
    November 2008          December 2009          
Spy Candy   Spy Games   

Historical Romance

The Last Honest         The Union            The Escort
       August 2012                   March 2013                  March 2013

The Last Honest Seamstress    The Union   The Escort






Spylicious Romance Short Stories

Surfer Sailor

Lover Spy #1       Lipstick Spy
     MAUI                   School

Surfer Sailor Lover Spy #1 MAUI    Lipstick Spy School


The Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance

(includes Lipstick Spy School)

Foreign Editions

Spy Games - Indonesian Edition    Spy Candy Indonesian Edition   The Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance
   Indonesia            Indonesia                 UK










Contemporary Romance

September 2013

Echo Bay Christmas


Women's Fiction

May 2011

Pink Slipper