Lipstick Spy School      
E-book Short Story

               Pink Slipper

Inside every woman there's an inner Bond girl longing to break free. The Lipstick Spy School had one mission—draw it out and nurture it. For a day, at least.

As Kim entered the luxury hotel on the Fort Lauderdale beach, she actually had two missions—get a decent pedicure, Floridians didn't seem to believe in closed-toe shoes, and kill Jason Bergman, Lipstick's special ops spy instructor . . .

From Gina Robinson, America’s acclaimed master of the super-sexy spy novels Spy Candy, Spy Games, The Spy Who Left Me and the upcoming Diamonds are Truly Forever, comes a short story originally published in the Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance.

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Most women go to the Lipstick Spy School to pretend to be spies for a day and learn now to make the perfect martini. Kim is going to spy school to kill the special ops instructor Jason Bergman.

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