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From her sensible shoes to her dating choices, bank officer Jenna Jarvis has always played it safe. But her fantasy life is a whole other story. And now Jenna's got a golden opportunity to play a real-life secret agent, courtesy of her generous best friend and a fantasy spy camp set smack dab in the red-hot center of the Arizona desert...

The stay starts off with a bang—literally—as a car explodes to greet Jenna and her fellow covert trainees, each of whom have a spydentity based on an iconic undercover agent. But it's the real-life operatives who capture Jenna's attention, particularly super-buff ex-CIA agent-cum-instructor Torq Toricelli. Confidence boosted by playing a bold-as-brass hot babe, Jenna might just have a fighting chance with Torq—if she can make it through camp in one piece...

A few near-misses have made it frighteningly clear that someone is taking this fantasy way too seriously. Jenna's mission: find out who's gunning for her fellow spies—and live to die another day...

Zebra Romantic Suspense, Kensington Publishing Corp.
332 Pages, Price: $3.99 USD                                       ISBN-10: 1420104721                                              ISBN-13: 978-1420104721
Release Date: November 4, 2008


"Sassy and delightfully entertaining."  
 - Beverly Barton, New York Times bestselling author

"Spy Candy is a low calorie treat that will leave you craving more."- Gerri Russell, author of To Tempt a Knight

4 Stars! HOT!  Romantic Times BOOKReviews Magazine
"Robinson delivers with this excursion to spy camp!  With the perfect amount of suspense and humor, this story will stay with readers long after the book is over."                                  
 -- Whitney Kate Sullivan, Romantic Times BOOKReviews

"Gina Robinson's debut novel has everything you'd want in a terrific story:  intrigue, action, great characters and realistic dialogue."
-- Katherine Petersen, ParanormalRomance.org  

"A really fun book ...from a great new author...delicious in so many ways...I can't wait to see what Gina comes up with next."
-- Heather Marie, CraveMoreRomance.com

"Robinson's first romance is a hilarious thrill ride filled with plenty of spy references and spoofs that will keep the reader delightfully entertained and looking forward to her next book."
-- Patty Engelmann, Booklist

...lots of action...plenty of hot, sexy yummy guys...The next time I am in the mood for something filling that I can sink my teeth into, I am going to read a Gina Robinson book. Gina Robinson is on fire.” 
-- Cheryl, ManicReaders.com  

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Inside Story

White Tank Mountains  White Tank Mountains

     I love mountains. I guess that’s why I like to use them as backdrops for my camp settings. Here’s a picture of the White Tank Mountains that I mention in Spy Candy. Unfortunately, the mountains are a little hazy. My husband took the picture the day after a big haboob, a sandstorm, blew through the area.
     Readers often wonder how authors choose titles for their books. A catchy title can grab a reader’s attention and get them to pick the book up. The short answer to the question is—authors don’t choose titles, not really. Once a book is accepted for publication, the publisher has control over the title. The editor, and the sales and marketing departments, sometimes along with author input, select the ultimate title.
     My working title for Spy Candy was simply Spy Camp. Before we sent it out on submission, my agent and I brainstormed and came up with the title Love and Let Spy, a spoof on a James Bond movie title. Then my editor asked me for new title ideas. My husband and I brainstormed a list and I’m happy to say my publisher chose Spy Candy, which I love and was one of mine.



     Shaken, Not Stirred

     Making sure I had his full attention, I slowly unzipped the jumpsuit. Down to the tops of my fake breasts. Pause. His pen stilled.  
     Zip.  Over the girls, past the hips, down to the crotch.  I gave one shoulder a shimmy shake sending the silicone girls bouncing as I stripped the jumpsuit off one shoulder.  Then the next.  I’d watched Logan’s strip aerobics DVD a time or two and it was coming in handy now as I worked up to the grand finale.  
     I gave my bottom a healthy wiggle as I scooched the overalls past my hips and stepped out of them, one elongated leg at a time.
     His gaze was glued to my crop top.  When I looked down, I realized it was plastered with sweat against my body in much the same way as a wet T-shirt clings.  I kicked the coveralls into the corner and stepped directly in front of him, feigning trying to get a glimpse of my chart.  In reality, I was just giving him a better look down my blouse.
    “Hey, you were a real trooper.”  His tongue was thick on his words.  He was looking down at me.  I was looking up at him, standing way too far into his personal space.  “Five times isn’t bad.  Great big, brave policemen don’t do any better.”
     Our gazes locked.  
     He cleared his throat.  “You probably better send the next CT in.”
     “You’re probably right.”  I reluctantly stepped back and turned to leave.  I paused at the door to call to him.  “Bet no one else is as good as me.”  I winked and raced out, giving him a wave over my back, being careful not to turn and let him see the big, fat grin on my face.  Let him figure me out.